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Current Books & Book Reviews

Current Books on Gardening & Botany is an Internet-only journal reviewing new books and other media about gardening, horticulture, and botany. Reviews cover a wide range of new literature in print and digital form and are written primarily by the staff of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Title Volume Number
Longleaf, Far as the Eye Can See: A New Vision of North America’s Richest Forest 15 2
Peculiar Plants 15 2
Forever Green: A Landscape Architect’s Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight 15 1
Flora of the Cayman Islands 15 1
Flower Moments: Ten Years of Inspiration 15 1
Healing Foods 15 1
South African Traditional Medicinal Plants from KwaZulu–Nata 15 1
White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes 15 1
Sheridan Nurseries: One Hundred Years of People, Plans, and Plants 15 1
Taunton’s Patio & Walkway Ideas That Work 15 1
Australian Plants as Aboriginal Tools 15 1
Medicinal Plants in Australia. Volume 3 — Plants, Potions, and Poisons 15 1
Beautiful Backyards: Courtyards, Terraces, Patios, Decks, Balconies: Simple Ideas and Techniques to Transform your Outside Space, with 280 Practical Photographs 15 1
A Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest 15 1
Stealing Shining Rivers: Agrarian Conflict, Market Logic, and Conservation in a Mexican Forest 15 1
A Field Guide to Alpine Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains 15 1
Fun Gardening for Kids: 30 Creative Outdoor Projects 15 1
Louis Benech, Douze Jardins en France 15 1
Garden’s Quintessence 15 1
A World in one Cubic Foot: Portraits of Biodiversity 15 1
Creative Water Effects in the Garden 15 1
The Wrinklies’ Guide to Gardening: New Pursuits for Old Hands 15 1
The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Apples 15 1
Flowers in the World’s Most Beautiful Gardens 15 1
1000 Details in Landscape Architecture: A Selection of the World’s Most Interesting Landscaping Elements 15 1
Plants of the Victorian High Country 15 1
Italian Gardens: A Cultural History 15 1
Flower: Paintings by 40 Great Artists 14 6
Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Course 14 6
Collins Fungi Guide 14 6