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Vines and Ground Covers

Vines and Ground Covers
Philip Edinger and the Editors of Sunset Books
Menlo Park, California: Sunset Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 112 p., $12.95

This is another entry in the Sunset Books collection of easy-to-understand encyclopedias on various gardening subjects, in this case vines and ground covers. These two plant categories are grouped together and arranged in alphabetical order, complete with growing instructions and attractive color photos, for which this series of books is so well-known. Considering the difficulty of selecting vines and ground covers for the entire country, the editors have done a good job of including the most important ones. Naturally, many will be unfamiliar to Chicago gardeners but well-known in southern California. First-time readers of this series of books will notice that the editors have developed their own garden climate zone map of 45 separate zones for plants based on factors other than cold hardiness. Rainfall, summer highs, winter lows and humidity are all considered before recommending a plant for a particular area.

— Lee Randhava