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Van Gogh's Gardens

Van Gogh's Gardens
Derek Fell
New York: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 

cloth, 191 p., $35

Van Gogh's Gardens is a book for both art historians and garden designers. Derek Fell studied Van Gogh's paintings as well as his voluminous correspondence, in which he explained to his brother Theo and sister Wilhelmien what he was painting and why. Mr. Fell analyzes Van Gogh's color theory and design philosophy and applies this analysis to planning one's own garden. Mr. Fell and his wife have used Van Gogh's garden paintings as a basis for gardens on their own Pennsylvania property.

For those who are neither art historians nor serious garden designers, Van Gogh's Gardens can be enjoyed just for its wonderful illustrations. The book contains the author's photographs of his and other gardens based on Van Gogh, photographs of many of the locales that inspired the painter, and reproductions of several of Van Gogh's paintings. This book is a primer on how to have a Van Gogh scene in your very own backyard.

— Joyce Weinberg, Volunteer, Plant Information Office, Chicago Botanic Garden