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Urban Sanctuaries: Peaceful Havens for the City Gardener

Urban Sanctuaries: Peaceful Havens for the City Gardener
Stephen Anderton
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 144 p., $29.95

I have to rave about this gem and use all those phrases any good English teacher would edit. Urban Sanctuaries: Peaceful Havens for the City Gardener is something you will keep for a lifetime, bestow upon friends and consult often. The author's spirit, intelligence, creativity, knowledge and depth brand every choice of word and illustration with excellence. This book's fine appearance artfully supports the author's ideas, and the plant list provides good advice and zone hardiness. Taken separately, text and photographs would stand on their own exceptional merits; together, they combine into a triumph of thought-provoking delight.

This book is not merely a marvelous treatise on how to provide a green antidote to urban life. As well, it considers topics of interest to all those concerned with landscapes, such as how to assess what you have to work with; how to understand scale and proportion; how to understand the difference between nature and a garden; how to find the right water feature; and (something infrequently addressed) how to design family havens. Timber Press is to be commended for producing such an outstanding player in the field of design. Urban Sanctuaries expands our relationship to the garden and our concept of a meaningful lifestyle.

— Julie Siegel, Landscape Designer, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden