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The Ultimate Flower Arranging Book

The Ultimate Flower Arranging Book
Judy Spours
London: Collins & Brown,
Publication Date: 

paper, 320 p., $24.95

Just when you think there is no room for yet another flower arranging book on the market, along comes this one, a veritable feast of flowers that really lives up to its title. Both down to earth and inspirational at the same time, the book attempts to demystify the flower arranging process with over 800 beautifully clear how-to photographs.

The promise of this book is to be very contemporary, that is, casual and informal in style, as fashions change rapidly in flower arranging. Ms. Spours has written a very orderly delineation of her subject, explaining techniques and flower selection, both fresh and dried. Practical tips are included, especially in the section on mechanics. Flowers are shown in home décor so the reader can see their decorative possibilities. The chapter on color includes pages devoted to each hue separately, with ideas on how to use harmonies most successfully. Tin buckets of flowers photographed in strikingly modern and period interiors and bouquets of one variety of flowers (such as gracefully drooping tulips, sweet peas or gerberas) define her style. Large groups of mixed flowers, a stunning dried swag (in the section on dried material) and a kumquat wreath illustrate the diversity of arrangements shown in this book.

No credit was given to the floral artists, nor is a biography of the author provided. We are left to wonder who did all of the arrangements. Surely, someone deserves credit.

— Adele Kleine, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden