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Trees, Shrubs, and Roses for Midwest Gardens

Trees, Shrubs, and Roses for Midwest Gardens
Ezra Haggard
Indiana University Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 218 p., $49.95

Landscape designer Ezra Haggard has created in Trees, Shrubs, and Roses for Midwest Garden, a distinct reference guide for Midwestern gardeners, one that reads like a novel with page-turning appeal. Each of the 100-plus plants highlighted tells an enticing, descriptive story.

To maintain scale for most home and garden space, the author has expertly selected the majority of trees at 35 feet or under. The largest shrub he mentions is Aesculus parvifolia, which reaches 12 feet or more in height and 15 feet in width (unless you consider multi-stem trees as shrubs). Hardy roses run the gamut from climbers to manageably sized rugosas. Transplanting tips, habits, culture and seasonal interest are mentioned, along with plants that attract our feathered friends. A color photograph accompanies each entry with a landscape view of the plant shown in full glory in a particular season, along with suggested companion plantings.

Some of the plants will be hard to find but well worth the effort. The author's enthusiasm makes you want one of everything; fortunately, he has included a resource list of nurseries to help you find those unusual plants your neighbor won't have.

— Alana Mezo