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Tree Book (Starting with Nature)

Tree Book
Pamela Hickman
Buffalo, N.Y.: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 32 p., $12.95

Experiments and activities are interwoven among the "chapters" of this introductory book on trees that explains "how different kinds of trees from coast to coast have lots in common." Comparing jack and white pine cones, students use an oven (with adult help) and a bowl of water to investigate their seeds. To explore why leaves change color, interested children tear a leaf up and submerge it in rubbing alcohol (again with adult supervision) and notice what bands of color a filter strip detect. Florida's mangroves, northern rain forests and other topics are discussed in this book with illustrations by Heather Collins. Collins, for example, reveals the fungus shelf under which a hairy woodpecker carves his nesting hole. She also uses cartoon bubbles to express a man's thoughts or to reveal a plant's underground appearance. These devices will appeal to children. A U.S. map of American forests and a list of state trees make this book an invaluable reference source for younger students.

— Nancy H. McCray