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Sunbelt Gardening: Success in Hot-Weather Climates

Sunbelt Gardening: Success in Hot-Weather Climates
Tom Peace
Fulcrum Publishing
Publication Date: 

paper, 288 p., $29.95

For those who live in the Sunbelt, this book offers inspiration and special advice to help gardeners achieve year-round gardening success. Traditional, formal designs are described in Sunbelt Gardening: Success in Hot-Weather Climates, along with informal gardens, with advice aimed at both the experienced gardener and novice.

The author points out the importance of recognizing seasonal changes in the garden, even in the Sunbelt. Certain plants that tolerate hot and dry conditions in the summer may fare less well in the cooler, wetter conditions possible in the winter. Perennials, bulbs, annuals, foliage plants and grasses are discussed and grouped with helpful photographs. The merits and disadvantages of different plants over the course of the seasons are treated. Illustrations throughout the book help the reader understand suitable plant combinations, with an emphasis on plants and gardens in the southeastern and southwestern United States.

This interesting and attractive book would have been even more useful had the author included easy-to-read plant lists for each of the scenarios described. Many readers will not remember all of the plant details described in the book, forcing readers to go back and forth throughout the text. Despite this drawback, Sunbelt Gardening is well-organized, colorful and informative, and would be a positive addition to the library of any gardener in warmer climes.

— Elaine Juhl, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden