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Succulent Flora of Southern Africa

Succulent Flora of Southern Africa
Doreen Court
Struik Nature
Publication Date: 

decorated boards, 336 pp., $34.50

Southern Africa is the natural home of the most diverse and remarkable succulent flora in the world. In this newly revised edition of the classic 1981 text, descriptions include characteristics of species, recent taxonomic advances, and their distribution in Southern Africa on maps of each country.

Using an encyclopedic format for eight common families organized by genus and species, plants are illustrated with color photographs in the body of this work. Each image contains a tag line with the page number of the text for further details, so this scheme necessitates a lot of page turning to match photo and text. In addition, there are many explanatory black-and-white photographs as well as drawings of seemingly strange roots and shapes. This new edition of Succulent Flora will be of value to casual succulent growers as well as professionals, thanks in part to its affordability. It is a valuable addition to the field.

— Adele Kleine, Master Gardener and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden; writer for Chicagoland Gardening magazine