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Succession Planting for Year–round Pleasure

Succession Planting for Year–round Pleasure
Christopher Lloyd
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 191 p., $29.95

One of the goals of every gardener is to achieve a garden that is never out of bloom. And that is what master garden Christopher Lloyd is promising in this book: How to plant your garden so as to keep a non–stop progression of colorful flowers coming from early spring through to late autumn. But this book isn’t all about succession planting, because that would be too limiting a book for a man of Lloyd’s talents. He discusses all things horticultural, for example, on variegated foliage or ferns or ornamental grasses. The truth is, like all gardeners, just about every plant is of interest to him, and he has something interesting to say about every plant. One cautionary note to readers. He is an English gardener, so not all of the plants discussed are hardy say in Zone 5, should you want to experiment with his recommendations.

Like all good gardeners, Lloyd is full of practical advice, and his book is set to dispense his wisdom in orderly fashion. The first chapter treats the subject of succession planting in general, with a series of photographs recording the change of seasons in one flower bed to dramatically illustrate his point. Succeeding chapters focus on more specific areas: chapters on anchor plants, perennials and bulbs, spring and early summer bedding, summer bedding into autumn, self–sowing plants, and maintenance, all of which help to keep the flower show going from spring to frost. The author writes in a lively, personal style that is quite engaging, and the photographs are, as you might expect in a garden book of this type, delightful to look at.

— Jim Kemper, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden