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Small–plot, High–yield Gardening

Small–plot, High–yield Gardening
Sal Gilbertie and Larry Sheehan
Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: 

Paper, 248 pp., $18

Whether it is on home grounds or in a community garden plot, the authors provide welcome advice that covers a broad range of subjects. It is arguably the most comprehensive handbook of its kind. It features plans for different size gardens, drawn to scale, showing placement of specific crops with their planting date; how to shop for seeds and select seedlings; and, maximum production techniques for more than 50 popular vegetables. Included is a chart showing when to plant specific crops through the growing year. Sal Gilbertie, a third generation nursery owner, and Larry Sheehan, a popular journalist, provide the answers to most questions on food production, including what crops not to plant in a small space. This book is highly recommended for all gardeners — novice and experienced alike — for its practical information on growing a productive garden in a small area.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden