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Shrubs Large and Small: Natives and Ornamentals for Midwest Gardens

Moya L. Andrews and Gillian Harris
Indiana University Press
Publication Date: 

Paper, 145 pp., $28.00.

This book is a little gem for any Midwest gardener looking for shrubs to “become a major part of the fabric not only of our gardens, but of our lives.” Andrews, master gardener, author, and dean of the faculties emerita at Indiana University, will help you achieve this. The book is divided into sections entitled “Shrubs are Versatile,” “Shrubs Attract Wildlife,” “Bringing Flowers Indoors,” and “The Gallery.” There are detailed suggestions for using the flowers, including some wonderfully imaginative ideas for containers, and a month-by-month listing of flowers to be combined for unusual arrangements. The final section examines 20 of her favorite native deciduous shrubs as well as a selection of evergreens, with beautifully detailed botanical drawings by Gillian Harris. Some of these are so lovely you might be tempted to purchase the shrub, but  check first with Andrews's descriptions and warnings. The appendices at the back provide such additional information as deer resistance. The drawings alone will tempt you to add a shrub or two to your yard. —Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden.