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Sensational Dried Flowers: Make Arrangements So Beautiful They Look Fresh

Sensational Dried Flowers: Make Arrangements So Beautiful They Look Fresh
Esther Davis
Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 166 p., $24.95.

A visual delight, Sensational Dried Flowers is full of colorful pictures of beautiful floral designs combined with solid horticultural information balancing the crafting aspect of drying flowers. This book will appeal to novice and experienced gardeners who might be expanding their palette of gardening activities to include drying flowers from their garden.

Opening with a nice introduction and a well-organized table of contents, the author begins with a section on the art of drying flowers. Ms. Davis takes you from start to finish with emphasis on using silica gel crystals for drying. This is the preferred method of drying for this book, and it is explained in great detail. All aspects and possible problems are discussed, and the author in the course of the book shares her secrets of success. At times this drying method might be intimidating, but details on tools of the trade along with helpful hints, diagrams, photos and finally a flower-drying timetable make the effort and task seem possible. After reading about how to dry flowers, the book hooks you on the possibilities with wonderful color pictures of dried floral pieces. Each project includes a list of what you need to do the design and then a detailed list of instructions with diagrams for difficult or special tasks such as creating a taped grid for a jar or creating a twig base. Certainly the best feature of this book is the timetable for drying fresh flowers with silica gel crystals.

Sensational Dried Flowers is a wonderful book for ideas on how to dry and arrange flowers preserved with silica gel crystals. Few books mention this time-consuming and delicate process, let alone go into this sort of comprehensive detail. Whether you try drying flowers with silica gel or experiment with one of the many designs illustrated in this book, you'll find this book to be quite enjoyable and a great addition to the library of any horticultural crafter.

— Nancy Clifton, Horticultural Specialist, Plant Information, The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.