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In Search of Lost Roses.

In Search of Lost Roses
Thomas Christopher
University of Chicago Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 240 p., $16

Serious rose lovers will want this reprint of Thomas Christopher's 1989 book. While only 240 pages in length, In Search of Lost Roses gives new meaning to the saying that good things come in small packages.

Mr. Christopher has probably met and spent quality time with everyone in this country and abroad dedicated to old roses. In the course of this book, you learn about these most unusual characters, whose only shared trait is their love of heritage or heirloom roses. Suggest a bit of "rose rustling" and count Thomas Christopher in; care to travel the back roads in search of an interview — count him in. The author's dedication to his subject shines through on every page. The author's research yields a great deal of information, which he provides in abundance throughout this book.

With its superabundance of rosarian detail, however, this book can be overwhelming. I had to read and reread certain sections, backtracking repeatedly, to figure out exactly who the author was talking to or about at any given moment in the text. This is not a coffee table book filled with pretty pictures, but a work for dedicated rosarians and those trying to better understand heritage roses. In Search of Lost Rosesnonetheless is an excellent work.

— Eileen Kelly Klehr, Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden