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Roberto Burle Marx: The Lyrical Landscape

Roberto Burle Marx: The Lyrical Landscape
Marta Iris Montero
University of California Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 208 p., $45

This aptly titled garden delight doubles as a marvelous art book. A landscape architect herself, the author was able to provide a unique perspective on Roberto Burle Marx as a result of working with him in Buenos Aires during the early 1970s. World-renowned both before and after his death in 1994, the Brazilian landscape architect combined a deep knowledge of plant materials from his native terrain with the artistic elements of painting, sculpture and music. His idiosyncratic landscape interpretations became some of the most distinct and treasured on the planet.

Marta Montero's book substantially widens the circle of those who will now be able to experience Burle Marx's legendary works of artful horticulture. Organized around 26 projects, this volume details the master's vision through invaluable plans, planting schemes, photographs and his own paintings. The book's design quality matches the superb level of landscape design. This publication shows us why such a great man and his works continue to inspire us. I already bought a copy for my own library.

— Julie Siegel, Contributing Writer, Landscape Designer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden