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Rejuvenating a Garden

Rejuvenating a Garden
Stephen Anderton
San Francisco: SOMA Books
Publication Date: 

cloth, 160 p., $25

Taking an old garden and making it look new again has to be one of the more daunting tasks facing a gardener, and this book is meant to make the whole process easier. It is handsomely photographed and includes a great deal of information, much of which, unfortunately, is poorly organized and therefore difficult to follow. Is the honey mushroom a major enough problem to warrant a page of its own? Examples like this are scattered throughout the book, and I found the emphasis on them disturbing and strangely out of context. The second part of the book contains most of the actual how-to-do-it information, which, in many cases, seems too general in nature to be of much value. Some parts are even redundant, such as the section on pruning, given that the final pages of the book offer pruning instructions for over 200 varieties of trees and shrubs. The author appears to be a well-respected authority in Britain, judging by the testimonials on the cover. But this book seems to need a good editor.

— Jim Kemper