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A Practical Guide to Bonsai

A Practical Guide to Bonsai
Two Four Productions
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video, 60 minutes, $29.95

This wonderful video combines practical information with breathtaking views of bonsai masterpieces. Several British bonsai masters appear throughout this video, explaining their views on bonsai philosophy and demonstrating some important techniques. Everything from the basic forms of bonsai to pruning and watering are covered.

One of my favorite aspects of this video was its relaxing tempo and style, mixing the message with its medium and creating a work that is truly pleasurable to watch. The trees shown throughout are carefully named and displayed in a manner that reminds me of a leisurely stroll through a museum. At the video's end, we are treated to a full view of a bonsai garden filled with complete specimens, a rare and remarkable sight.

Of course, the enjoyment of watching this video does not make the viewer a bonsai master. In fact, I would remain uncertain about attempting bonsai without the direct supervision of someone more experienced; still, this video far outshines books that address the same subject matter, going as far as an instructional video can short of dictating a step-by-step process. I would recommend this video as a pleasurable introduction to the art of bonsai, both beautiful and educational.

— Joshua Rosen, Intern, Continuing Education, Chicago Botanic Garden