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Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens

Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens
Dan L. Perlman and Jeffrey C. Milder
Island Press
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paper, 294 p., $35.00

Working with nature to solve the demands of both man and the environment is the theme of this guide for those concerned with the development of natural resources. Biologist Dan Perlman and environmental planner Jeffrey Milder discuss the concepts connected with integrating man and nature more ecologically. After listing examples of the planning process, the authors discuss the importance of understanding the biodiversity of the area under study. Armed with information about what and how many plants and animals live in the area, planners can develop an understanding of how the ecosystems work in the region and estimate their ecological future. The third section of the text covers the application of different types of conservation, restoration, and ecologically based planning.

An excellent resource for both professionals and citizens concerned with land use and its environmental impact, the text is supplemented with charts, photographs, an excellent glossary, and other reference materials for land planners in North America.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden