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Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation
Alan Toogood, Editor-in-chief
New York: DK Publishing
Publication Date: 

cloth, 320 p., $34.95

Plant propagation, from annuals to vegetables, is discussed in simple terms in the American Horticultural Society's new book, Plant Propagation. Over 1,500 individual plants with 1,800 color photos are included in this reference book. The fundamentals of all propagating techniques are described, as well as which technique is best for each plant, making this an essential reference for the home propagator or the professional grower.

Every aspect of propagation is included, from the correct tools to the differences in growing media to the diseases often found in the course of propagation. Illustrations of plants and techniques accompany the descriptive text and allow the reader to follow logically what can be a difficult subject to master.

A thorough coverage of the best methods to use when propagating trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous ornamentals, vegetables, bulbs and even cacti and other succulents makes this a valuable reference, whether the reader is seeking a quick answer or a thorough description.

— Julie Stundins