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The Plant Finder's Guide to Daisies

The Plant Finder's Guide to Daisies
John Sutton
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 192 p., $34.95

If you think the daisy is nothing more than the familiar sunshine flower — a yellow disc suurounded by rays of white petals — think again. Would you believe dahlia? Goldenray? Globe thistle? Cornflower? The list runs on and on, through yarrow, aster, gerbera, sneezeweed, zinnia and many others — in fact, the daisy family, Asteraceae, is the largest family of flowering plants in the world.

Every garden-worthy member of this family is given its due in this volume: the use of daisies in the garden, including their propagation, cultivation, pests, diseases and botanical classification, are all covered here. The chapters on the various daisy genera are particularly fine, with handsome color photographs and a rundown of the leading species and cultivars, along with descriptions of the plants and information on their culture. For the gardener looking for a general reference book on the daisy family, this book presents an excellent overview of one of the most popular and extensively planted of all the plant groups.

— Jim Kemper