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Perfect Plant Perfect Place

Perfect Plant Perfect Place
Roy Lancaster
Dorling Kindersley
Publication Date: 

paper, 448 p., $30

Using his extraordinary knowledge of plant material and placement, Roy Lancaster has selected a group of plants that are most suitable for use in each situation outlined in his new book Perfect Plant Perfect Place. In the course of this work, he improves on his previous efforts, What Plant Where, What Perennial Whereand What Houseplant Where (you see the trend!).

Mr. Lancaster treats a variety of situations, including plant hardiness in all temperature zones, plants that thrive in available light from bright sun to shade and soil conditions in which each plant can best survive and prosper. In a sense, a reader can examine a given garden situation and refer to this book for guidance.

With magnificent color photographs, a Plant Finder index, plant need keys, temperature zones and mature plant sizes, this book is an outstanding reference work for all gardeners. If you have a difficult site, refer to the author's suggestions covering almost any situation for a list of suitable plants.

Outdoor plants are highlighted in this work, including perennials, climbers, shrubs, conifers and deciduous trees. Perennials are organized by color, time of bloom, low-allergen qualities, size, insect attraction, container preference and other factors. Shrubs and trees are similarly divided into many useful groups covering size, foliage, hardiness, ornamental uses and site preferences.

Indoor plants include those used for floral effects, foliage size and color, interior locations (depending on light and other factors), novelty and other considerations. Ferns, cacti and orchids are examined as well.

With invaluable and practical information covering all aspects of plant selection in an easy-to-read format,Perfect Plant Perfect Place should be in every gardener's library.

— Elaine Juhl, Volunteer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden