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Peaceful Gardens

Peaceful Gardens
Stephanie Donaldson
Ryland, Peters & Small
Publication Date: 

cloth, 144 p., $24.95

Helping you make a quiet spot for yourself in this busy, noisy world is what Peaceful Gardens is all about. For true contentment, notes author Stephanie Donaldson, little rivals time spent in a garden. This book is full of ideas and beautiful images to show you how to create a level of serenity in your garden. Divided into three sections, it provides you a context — preaching simplicity, soothing colors and textures, and delightful fragrances and sounds — as vehicles to achieving a relaxing garden escape. An appendix provides a list of architects, designers and nurseries to help you execute many of the ideas and plans treated in this work (given the British origins of this work, however, only three are in the United States). Keep in mind this important bit advice from the author: “As you plan your peaceful garden, it is important to remember that it is as much about how the garden is used as about how it looks.”

— Barbara Mahany, library volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden