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Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide

Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide
Henry Jaworski
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1992.

paper, 143 p., $21.

A very personal guide to the world of orchids, this book is one person's journey from his first plant to fully stocked greenhouse. This work includes all of the necessary information for the beginning orchid grower on feeding, watering, dividing and potting. Informal tips and tricks are some of the best parts of this book, based on the author's experiences. Lavish illustrations pull the reader into the text to read essential growing information. Mr. Jaworski gives detailed plans and instructions for plant stands, light tables and temperature and humidity controls. He also covers potting, with offerings on kinds of media as well as pot and fertilizer choices.

The selection of plants in this book is strictly personal. While all of the major genera are covered, the author does not venture into exotic orchids. The large number of new hybrids and intergenerics that have exploded on the scene recently are not included in this book. The list of growers includes at least two that are no longer in business. Altogether, Orchids Simplified is a good book for the novice. It has the essentials to get started and is very readable.

— Lois Cinert, President of the Illinois Orchid Society.