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Norah Lindsay: The Life and Art of a Garden Designer

Norah Lindsay: The Life and Art of a Garden Designer
Allyson Hayward
Frances Lincoln
Publication Date: 

cloth, 288 pp., $65.00

Having lived an active life in British society, beautiful Norah Lindsay (1873–1948) had her world fall around her when her long-term marriage ended and she faced a serious financial crisis. Out on her own at age 51 in 1924, she began a career as a garden designer, using the gardening knowledge and skills learned over the years in her restoration of the grounds of the family country estate. Known for her artistic taste, she used her charm and society contacts to develop her horticulture pursuits. Her professional commissions on the estates of members of upper echelons of society reflected these friendships. Writing articles for the British magazine Country Life in a familiar letter-writing style, Lindsay effectively put forth her philosophy on garden design, promoting her capabilities. In telling her story, biographer Allyson Hayward followed the path of Lindsay, who traveled from one garden site to another for the remaining twenty years of her life. The author expertly creates a vivid portrait of Lindsay, who established an international reputation for her landscapes.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden