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New City Gardener

New City Gardener.
Judith Adam
Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly Books
Publication Date: 
ISBN 1-552-09313-1

paper, 224 p., $24.95.

There's a plethora of how-to-do-it books in the garden book category, and gardeners never seem to tire of reading them. I found this book one of the best. While aimed at the urban gardener, the wealth of good information here could have application for any garden. All the usual gardening subjects are examined in detail, with lists of trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, annuals and perennials for every conceivable garden site, wet or dry, sunny or shady. But what impressed me here was the kind of information not often found in a "how-to" book. It includes how to plant a berm, how to renovate an old bed, how to remove a large and woody shrub, how to buy soil in bulk, how to keep weeds out of ground covers, how to set large boulders in a bed, etc., etc. This book is attractively laid out, nicely photographed, well written and interesting to read. But most importantly, the information offered is practical, and, pardon the pun, down to earth.