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Native Orchids of Minnesota

Native Orchids of Minnesota
Welby R. Smith
University of Minnesota Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 254 pp., $34.95

Welby Smith, state botanist for Minnesota, has created a completely new edition of this book, updating the original 1993 edition. This work is accompanied by excellent photographs and distribution maps as well as detailed drawings by Vera Ming Wong and Bobbi Angell. Minnesota is home to 49 kinds of wild orchids, so this work represents an outstanding guide to this special flora.

Native orchids in some ways bear little resemblance to the highly colorful, hybridized tropical plants that we may know. Botanically, an orchid is an orchid, even when it might be only eight inches high, growing in open fields. You might not even recognize it were it not for the typical flower. This book enables readers to find and identify these fascinating plants in the wild. The only genus in this work that might be known to a non-collector is the lady slipper orchid, which is found throughout the state. This work offers the perfect way to learn more about native orchids, thanks to a well-written text matched with an abundance of useful illustrations.

— Adele Kleine, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden.