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A Native Hawaiian Garden

A Native Hawaiian Garden
John L. Culliney and Bruce P. Koebele
Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 164 p., $19.95

For anyone interested in the environment, this has to be an important book. No native flora is more endangered than Hawaii's. This book details ways in which some of Hawaii's rare native plants can be propagated and maintained so as to save them from extinction. The material in A Native Hawaiian Gardenis beautifully organized and well researched by the authors, who obviously know their subject from long experience. While seemingly written for the professional horticulturist and landscaper, there is nothing so technical here that should give the ordinary gardener any trouble. In fact, I'm sure the authors are hoping that more gardeners will be encouraged to try to grow these plants in their back yards as a result of reading this book. The planting instructions, germination guides, seedling growth and other details have been kept relatively simple to further this end. This book is well laid out and crisply written, with attractive color photographs.

— Jim Kemper