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Molecular Markers in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology

Molecular Markers in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology
Dominique de Vienne (editor)
Science Publishers Inc.
Publication Date: 

cloth, 248 p., $79

A translation, this book provides a basic introduction to a very large and expanding field. Despite clearly explaining many important concepts, it is probably best suited for an audience with some basic understanding of genetics and molecular biology. After an extensive introduction about various sources of molecular markers, this work proceeds to explore their use in constructing linkage maps, mapping major genes, QTL mapping and marker-assisted selection, with only one chapter dedicated to population genetics.

Many of these molecular techniques have been restricted to biotechnological and breeding studies. However, they are increasingly being employed to answer some important questions in populations genetics, evolution and ecology. If the aim of this book is to provide the reader with the background to go out and use molecular markers, it successfully meets this goal. It is also up to date and concise. Ideally I would have liked to have seen more discussion about the potential uses of these techniques, but that aside, I think this book is a useful reference text for those who currently employ these techniques or are looking to employ them in the future.

— Jeremie Fant, Manager, Ex Situ Conservation Science, Chicago Botanic Garden