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The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting

Josie Jeffery
Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: 

Decorated boards, 131 pp., $17.99.

Jeffery takes a different approach to companion planting, by physically manipulating his content in this work to allow readers to visually select the best combinations of plants. Thanks to a spiral binding, you can flip between three kinds of plants: the central crop, above-ground companions, and below-ground companions. The above-ground companions attract beneficial insects, for example, while the below-ground companions add nutrients. For each group, color-coded dots summarize benefits; the higher number of dots for all three groups increases your chances for success. Brief introductory chapters provide a quick overview of basic gardening principles.

This work might be described as efficient, although in the beginning I found myself spending a great deal of time going back to "What the Symbols Mean" to understand all of the details immersed in the symbolism of the dots on the panels. It certainly would have been more convenient to have that information printed on the inside front or rear cover.
—Elaine Juhl, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden