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Midwest Home Landscaping, Including South-Central Canada

Midwest Home Landscaping, Including South-Central Canada
Landscape gardening, Gardens
Creative Homeowner Press
Publication Date: 

Paper, 223 pp., $19.95

Particularly helpful for a homeowner who enjoys do-it-yourself projects, this publication leads the reader through a landscape improvement. Beginning with a site survey, the text contains a guide to the planning and major activities connected with a project in a colder zone. The book is organized into three sections: a portfolio of landscape plans to help the owner visualize design options; plant profiles; and a guide to design installations. Illustrated by drawings and photographs, the site plans contain various options for a property with illustrations of the site through the seasons and over time. The section on plant profiles contains descriptions and photographs of suitable vegetation. The last section includes step-by-step instructions on the implementation of a design—both hardscape and plantings—and its maintenance. A brief glossary provides the reader with gardening and construction terminolog, used by professionals.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden