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Mediterranean Kitchen Garden

Mediterranean Kitchen Garden
Mariano Bueno
Frances Lincoln
Publication Date: 

Cloth, 160 pp., $35.00

Spanish author and prominent organic gardener Mariano Bueno gives practical advice on growing fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs in a hot, dry climate in this extensively illustrated and detailed book. Translated and edited by Evelyn Fitzherbert, the text covers not only the fundamentals of organic gardening but also the effects of climate on plant survival and growth. Even though the work is geared to those gardening in hot, dry areas, readers will find that the discussion is applicable to all climate zones. The author touches upon the types of soil and compost preferred by different crops; the nutrients needed; different drip irrigation methods; crop rotation systems; and much more. His study of the subject includes a directory of popular crops with tips on how to select a proper growing site and when to sow seed plus directions on general care. His schedule of tasks during the gardening year contains valuable instructions on regular maintenance, including traditional methods favored in the Mediterranean region.

—Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden