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Medicinal Herbal Therapy: A Pharmacist's Viewpoint

Medicinal Herbal Therapy: A Pharmacist's Viewpoint
Steven G. Ottariano
Portsmouth, N.H.: Nicolin Fields Publishing
Publication Date: 

paper, 192 p., $14.95

Medicinal Herbal Therapy is a compact gem of information on health problems, herbs and treatments combined with a great appendix of information in easily accessible lists.

Starting with a short history of herbs, the author then explores modern herbal uses and their benefits in the healing process. The author breaks the book into easy-to-follow sections on specific health topics as well as potential problems with recommended herbs. The book continues with descriptions of the author's favorite 22 herbs. For example, one section treats common herbs, their applications and their utility in healing. Each section contains references, dosage recommendations and alternative uses. The book covers external preparations of topical herbal treatments and concludes with seven appendices on children's dosages, herbs and pregnancy, and other topics.

This book is a valuable reference work for the beginning and even advanced herbalist looking for new facts. For the general public, there's plenty of worthwhile information regarding herbs and better health. Thorough yet understandable, Medicinal Herbal Therapy should find receptive readers looking for alternative solutions to improve their physical well-being.

— Nancy Clifton, Horticultural Specialist, Plant Information, The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.