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A Man's Garden

A Man's Garden
Warren Schultz
Boston: Houghton Mifflin
Publication Date: 

paper, 139 p., $40

What is it that makes a man's garden? The title of this book intrigued me. At first, the author's premise seemed a bit simplistic. A place to hide out, to play with tools, to meditate in? But the book proved to be much more than that, a series of 14 descriptive accounts of unusual gardens owned by some very interesting men. For example, there is a garden owned by a collector of palms, 483 of them, and another by a man who grows the world's largest pumpkins. One gardener prides himself on a garden full of yard art composed of tires and bottles, while another does topiary and still another has a railroad garden. Varied gardens are covered here, interesting because of the men who have created them. I think this author set out to prove something with this book — that gardens aren't just the province of women, as many think. I'd say the book makes his point.

— Jim Kemper