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The Louisiana Iris: The Taming of the North American Wildflower

The Louisiana Iris: The Taming of the North American Wildflower
Society for Louisiana Iris
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 211 p., $34.95

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Louisiana iris is in this authoritative treatise on five species in the Iris genus, a flower that is increasing in popularity due to its hybridization into new forms and colors.

These iris, naturally occurring in Louisiana swamps and bogs, are victims of environmental pressure. Collectors play an important role in preserving these plants, since they are no longer found in the wild; hybridization came along at the right time. Their delicate beauty, in a wide range of colors and frills, has popularized them. They are now grown worldwide, as growers test their cultural limits, finding them adaptable to neutral soil. With the advent of water gardens, even growers in this zone 5 area can endeavor to keep them moist and protected during the winter. When you see the photographs in this book, you'll understand the interest in experimenting with these plants under almost any condition.

The Louisiana Iris: The Taming of the North American Wildflower is an updated version of the original 1988 edition, with updates and additions from members of the Society for Louisiana Iris. It includes in great detail every aspect of the history of these five species, their botany, hybridization techniques and cultural practices. The text also provides recommendations for specific placement in a garden and their use in floral arrangements. This book is a good candidate to be the standard reference work on the subject.

— Adele Kleine, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden