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Led by the Land: Landscapes by Kim Wilkie

Led by the Land: Landscapes by Kim Wilkie
Kim Wilkie
Frances Lincoln
Publication Date: 

cloth, 176 pp., $50.00

A leading British landscape architect, Kim Wilkie discusses the factors that have affected his treatment of landscapes. Reflecting on his work, the author notes that, “Landscape architecture essentially deals with a trinity of land, life, and attitudes as physical form. The key is to listen to the stories and then continue the tale, allowing the memory and imagination of what has gone before to inspire fresh design in the evolving pattern.” He gives examples of his concepts in numerous case studies, taken from his works. These numerous designs can be found in famous landscapes in Britain, across the European continent, and the United States. Capturing the spirit of the grounds, he is particularly gifted in landscape sculpture, moving masses of soil to create dramatic spaces. This heavily illustrated review of his firm’s works contains inspiring photographs for professionals and all those interested in the forefront of land design.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden