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Landscaping: Principles and Practices

Landscaping: Principles and Practices
Jack E. Ingels
Delmar Learning
Publication Date: 

cloth, 494 p., $103.95

Since the layout and content of Landscaping: Principles and Practices is geared toward the classroom, this text should be subtitled “An Introduction to the Landscape Industry.” It is a practical guide for beginners in the trade and suitable for that level of instruction. The Practice Exercises and Achievement Reviews at the end of the chapters serve as guides to content comprehension.

Although the chapter on “Using Drawing Instruments” provides basic information on traditional tools of the trade, it seems a waste of modern students’ time, for they would benefit from greater emphasis in training on computer software in design work for greater productivity. Potential workers should be warned that the major professional legal and insurance liability problems are due to improper grading practices. They should be reminded to be current on all legal restrictions relating to water drainage or retention basins on property. There are better books on the subject for the general public.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden