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Landscape Plants for Texas and Environs

Landscape Plants for Texas and Environs
Michael A. Arnold
Stipes Publishing
Publication Date: 

cloth, 1,088 p., $68.80

This book provides an encyclopedic introduction to the genera of ornamental plants adapted to one or more of the climatic regions of the state of Texas. Like the Lone Star state, this book is very broad in scope. The author includes a good review of the climatic factors influencing plant growth, followed by alphabetical listings of plants, grouped in general terms by growth habit or use in the landscape.

Information about each plant includes its scientific name, synonyms, common names, plant family, cold hardiness, foliage characteristics and flower characteristics. It also includes information about its fruit, stem/bark, habit, cultural requirements, pathological problems, ornamental assets, limitations, landscape utilization, native habitats and related taxa, along with references.

The information in this book is recommended for college-level landscape plant courses, horticulturists, botanic garden staff and guides, as well as serious gardeners. It is a reference work that no landscape architect working in Texas should be without. Because the state encompasses so many different climatic regions, this book should have broad regional appeal.

— Boyce Tankersley, Manager of Living Plant Documentation, Chicago Botanic Garden