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Landscape and Garden Design: Lessons from History

Gordon Haynes
Whittles Publishing
Publication Date: 

Paper, 154 pp., $49.95.

In this survey of landscape and garden design in Britain, Gordon Haynes, an educator, seeks to acquaint the reader with the relationship between good landscapes and examples drawn from history. Focusing mainly on the designs of gardens of country homes, the author connects these examples to principal components that may be found in certain centuries, but not to specific dates of their construction. The principal designers of the period, in turn, are related to the style and components of a particular garden design. This method makes it easier to recall the period, the advocates of a style, and the principal features. Beginning with the early Renaissance, his descriptions extend to modern times. Originally meant as a primer for college students, this book is the ideal companion for travelers to Britain who enjoy touring famous country houses. The author includes photographs of historic sites and a list of books on the subject for the inspired reader. —Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden.