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Journey around Chicago from A to Z

Journey around Chicago from A to Z
Martha Day Zschock
Commonwealth Editions
Publication Date: 

cloth, [32] p.7, $17.95.

Martha Zschock wrote and illustrated this book to introduce children to the wonders of Chicago. This book is the sixth in the series "Journey Around," done in collaboration with her sister and designer, Heather. The state bird of Illinois, the cardinal, serves as a guide to the city and environs. The cardinal appears on every page and its hiding places add to the delight of this work. Zschock uses the alphabet cleverly, as in "commuter trains circle Chicago’s center." Each page features a dominating illustration of some highlight of the city, with inserts providing details. There is even a tiny detail under "quiet gardens create tranquility" with a chrysanthemum (the official flower of Chicago) from the collections of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

This charming book covers far more than the usual tourist stops and explains much of the varied history of the city. For diversity, you will find Chicago blues, the stockyards, and Hull House illustrated and described in this book’s pages. Zschock’s guide is a delight to read; if it were available in a slightly smaller edition, it would make a great companion on expeditions around the city.

— Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden