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Jo MacDonald Had a Garden

Jo MacDonald Had a Garden
Mary Quattlebaum
Dawn Publications
Publication Date: 

paper, 32 pp., $8.95

Mary Quattlebaum and illustrator Laura Bryant have produced a charming little book as a sequel to Jo MacDonald Had a Pond. Quattlebaum provides a short summary explaing that redheaded Jo, the farmer’s granddaughter, is planning a garden with her cousin, Mike. The children start with a bare garden and then proceed with digging, planting, watering, and finally the thrill of growing and sharing a treat, with every stage accompanied by the “E–I–E–I–O” refrain. I especially like the illustration of the children sharing the results of their work, while Grandfather snoozed next to them. There is helpful information at the back of the book on plants and animals found in the garden, as well as a little game of finding these inhabitants on each page and naming them. Sharing this book with children might encourage them to start a garden of their own, with or without the refrain.

— Joan Richards, volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden