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Invasive Species: What Everyone Needs to Know

Daniel Simberloff
Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 

Paper, 329 pp., $16.95.

Simberloff is a well-known biologist whose research focuses on causes and consequences of biological invasions. In this work, he creates a wide-ranging and informative survey, covering every aspect of biological invaders. This book examines an astonishing array of invasive species as well as how humans introduce these species, sometimes inadvertently.

Many of these issues have been front-page news. We are just now dealing with the biological effects of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami when an immense floating dock washed ashore in Oregon, carrying 104 nonnative marine species embedded in several tons of seaweeds and encrusting animals. Closer to home, there is a great deal of concern over Asian carp and their potential invasion of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes have witnesses a number of biological intruders, most notably lampreys and zebra mussels, with great biological and economic consequences. This book provides an important introduction to a significant issue in which rapid transportation, catastrophic events, and human intervention have accelerated the migration of species around the world.
— Adele Kleine, volunteer and garden writer, Chicago Botanic Garden