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The Intuitive Gardener: Finding Creative Freedom in the Garden

The Intuitive Gardener: Finding Creative Freedom in the Garden
Marilyn Raff
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paper, 184 p., $24.95

The Intuitive Gardener takes us on a very personal gardening journey spanning 15 years of trial and error in the author's garden. Marilyn Raff encourages us to allow our creative juices to flow before we get bogged down in "rules." This talented woman freely shares her gardening successes and failures. She repeatedly tells us that one should follow one's own instincts in designing a garden.

Ms. Raff is an enthusiastic, chatty and very hands-on gardener. She has traveled extensively, read widely and completed serious volunteer work at the Denver Botanic Gardens. When you see the "before" picture of her boring back yard in Littleton, Colorado, in 1985 and then the "after" picture showing how she transformed this space, you will believe in miracles!

The author tells us about plants she loves and why, as well as the rules that she follows and those that she ignores. While her garden is in Colorado and much in this book is pertinent to that area, she has the ability in the course of this work to inspire the novice as well as the experienced gardener. Her ability to instill confidence in her audience makes this work fascinating.

— Eileen Kelly Klehr, Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden