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Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture

Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture
M.K. Razdan
Science Publishers Inc.
Publication Date: 

paper, 376 p., $49.50

Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture is well written, organized and comprehensive. Topics covered include an introduction to the history of plant tissue culture and information on laboratory equipment, composition of various media, aseptic culture techniques, genetic transformation, haploid and triploid production, in vitro pollination and fertilization, zygotic embryo culture, somatic hybridization and cybridisation, somoclonal and gametoclonal variant selection, production of disease-free plants, clonal propagation, secondary metabolite production and germplasm conservation.

Ten years after the publication of the first edition, the second edition incorporates the substantial advances in the knowledge of plant tissue culture that have occurred over this time. Areas of plant tissue culture where knowledge has increased significantly since the first edition include plant biotechnology, regeneration of crops formerly considered recalcitrant, industrial production of secondary metabolites and also understanding of cellular totipotency, somatic embryogenesis, embryogenic cultures, and cell culture media and techniques in general.

I recommend this book for students, teachers, researchers and those seeking a comprehensive overview of plant tissue culture or planning to set up a tissue culture facility. The book has many illustrations, appendices that detail culture techniques and media, and a large number of references that will serve as an excellent guide for those seeking further information on the tissue culture of a particular plant species or on a specific technique.

— Jennifer Kiernan, Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden