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The House in Bloom

The House in Bloom
Judy Spours and the Editors of Victoria Magazine
Hearst Books
Publication Date: 

cloth, 160 p., $30

The natural world in all of its variety and beauty brought indoors is the theme of this book. Nature has been the design inspiration of every civilization. The House in Bloom describes the history of floral themes from Egyptian tombs to the present. Flowers are a constant source of inspiration for patterns in fabric, wallpaper, china, silver, carpets and furniture. Gardens influence us, whether subtly, in our use of natural colors and textures in our homes, or more explicitly, with our use of seasonally themed floral arrangements.

The text of this book illuminates each visual presentation with historical tidbits and an astute summary of "what's in and what's out" in colors and home decor. Fashions in floral chintz, chinoiserie china and toile de Jouy printed landscape fabrics have weathered changing times and even reappear in minimalist interiors. But no matter the style, their appeal is grounded in nature. In our technological society, we seem to crave nature's beauty even more.

This is an elegant book in which each section displays carefully staged photographs printed on colors that either complement or contrast the theme. Reading it is a reminder of how much that we take for granted in decor owes its debt to how the artist sees the world around him.

— Adele Kleine, Library Volunteer, Master Gardener and contributing writer to Chicagoland Gardeningmagazine