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The Hosta Handbook

The Hosta Handbook
Mark R. Zilis
Rochelle, Ill.: Q&Z Nursery
Publication Date: 

spiral-bound, 600 p., $34.95

The Hosta Handbook is truly a comprehensive, inclusive guide to hostas. Mark Ziles points out that there are over 1,500 hostas; he examines 278 major hostas. This handbook indeed seems to tackle many more hostas than any other work. Including a history of hostas, taxonomy, nomenclature and details on growing hostas, the work provides detailed descriptions on the basic kinds of hostas that you might encounter in a nursery or in a landscape. Given that the Q&Z Nursery is a leading supplier of hostas to the wholesale market, and that the author has introduced 50 new varieties, this book incorporates a great deal of practical information, useful to anyone with the slightest interest in these fascinating plants. The book includes a general index, an index to hosta names, and a section on problem solving. For those interested in hostas and planning to use hostas extensively, this book is required reading.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer and Researcher, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden