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Hiroyuki Oka Monograph

Hiroyuki Oka
Stichting Kunstboek
Publication Date: 

Decorated boards, 96 p., $55.00

We are familiar with the usual detailed, precise Japanese floral art. What Oka has produced in Hiroyuki Oka Monograph is certainly detailed and precise, but goes beyond just flowers, using fruits and vegetables as well in his fantastic, whimsical, and often humorous creations. His clever examples include eggplant transformed into light bulbs ready to be screwed into light sockets, or tiny cabbage heads cushioning the back and seat of chairs. Equally startling is the white radish with a center of red flesh sliced in half with drops of red liquid on the knife and cutting board, resembling a severed limb. Although each spectacular photograph bears a botanical name, who would recognize sweet orange (Citrus sinensus) as peelings forming a pair of lady's high heels? This very imaginative artist has separated this work into sections entitled Plant Design, Fruit, Roots, Leaves and Stems, and Flowers. Within these categories you will find arrangements far beyond your wildest imagination. What is so captivating here is the combination of meticulous execution of charmingly witty and outrageous ideas.
—Joan Richards,  volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden