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Herbs for the Mind: What Science Tells Us about Nature's Remedies for Depression, Stress, Memory Loss, and Insomnia

Herbs for the Mind: What Science Tells Us about Nature's Remedies for Depression
Jonathan R.T. Davidson and Kathryn M. Connor
Guilford Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 278 p., $14.95

This book focuses on the four most commonly acknowledged medical/psychological concerns (depression, stress, memory loss and insomnia) and the popular herbal remedies targeted as alternative treatments for these problems. The authors approach this subject in a very basic yet vital style. Each herbal remedy is examined thoroughly, its functions relative to the illness explained, known side effects revealed, common questions answered and dosage and purity issues of different brands of herbal supplements delineated. The authors are well versed in traditional and alternative treatments, and they approach these two subjects with equal regard. The "science" of "nature's remedies" is examined and discussed in detail. Alternative medical treatments are becoming popular, and this book is valuable to consumers because the safety and effectiveness of these treatments is still not well understood. For the professional, Herbs for the Mind offers a better understanding of the "nontraditional" medical approach and allows for an appreciation of the consumer's attitude towards medical uses of herbs.

— Rita Potempa, Volunteer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden