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Herbal Remedy Gardens: 38 Plans for Your Health & Well-Being

Herbal Remedy Gardens: 38 Plans for Your Health & Well-Being
Dorie Byers
Pownal, Vt.: Storey Books
Publication Date: 

paper, 224 p., $24.95

Herbal Remedy Gardens is an easy-to-use and interesting guide to herbal gardening. It contains a little bit of everything you need to know to start using herbs as well as instructions on how to grow them.

The book begins with an introduction on growing herbs, including the history and importance of herbs. A very brief but beneficial chapter follows for making herbal preparations. The book continues with descriptions of the author's favorite 22 herbs. Two pages are devoted to each herb with history, interesting facts, medical uses, cautionary notes, cultural information and harvesting, as well as a "growing at a glance" guide. There is information on how to start an herb garden from site selection to tools. Then the book focuses on remedy gardens and recipes for each section. This part of the book is especially useful because it not only suggests what to plant say for a "hair care garden" but also includes designs for containers as well as traditional plots. The recipes for each garden are easy to follow and require no major investment in time or preparation. The book often contains side notes that are used to explain simple horticultural facts along with personal observations and insights from other herbalists. The book finishes with details on growing plants, whether seed-started or from cutting. Garden and plant maintenance, harvesting and preserving, and a small section on plants from the wild form the conclusion, leaving readers with plenty of information to start a garden on their own.

Herbal Remedy Gardens is a handy guide loaded with facts for the beginner as well for advanced herbalists. The container gardens will give everyone ideas for herbs in pots. Portions of the book on the history and uses of herbal remedies make it interesting to all readers.

— Nancy Clifton, Horticultural Specialist, Plant Information, The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.