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A Guide to Smithsonian Gardens

A Guide to Smithsonian Gardens
Carole Ottesen
Smithsonian Books
Publication Date: 

Paper, 163 pp., $14.95

Washingon, D.C., has numerous historical sites, but none with the grandeur of the Smithsonian Museum, or the objects displayed in it. It is little wonder that the harried and hurried tourist doesn’t stop to realize the wealth of gardens surrounding it. This guide book remedies that.

The frontispiece maps the area from the White House to the Capitol Building. Included in that urban area is the Smithsonian complex of museums: the modern Hirshhorn, the Air and Space, the American Indian museums, terminating near Capitol Hill with the U.S. Botanic Garden. The gardens around the Smithsonian suite of museums feature almost every type of historical setting, from a roof top garden to classical courtyard, to roses, butterfly garden, and a native landscape complete with woods and wetlands. This indispensable guidebook, filled with rich photographs, will help you navigate around the Mall and its gardens.

— Adele Kleine, volunteer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden and writer, 
Chicagoland Gardening magazine