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The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers

The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers
Patricia Folley
University of Iowa Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 238 pp., $39.95

An enthusiast of wild plants, Patricia Folley has sought out the wild plants of Oklahoma and, like every ethical naturalist not employed in selecting plants for scientific study, collected only photographs of these treasures. Her purpose has been to communicate her love of these gifts of nature through this collection of floral portraits that identify Oklahoma’s bounty. She has further sought to provide guidance to even the youngest plant explorer through an easier means of plant identification. The author discusses plant families that may be found in the state and provides a photo of a typical species in each family. A locator map shows the geographic sections where different species are likely to be found. The plant directory is organized by groups of color; these are divided by color display at different times of a given plant’s development. Individual descriptions contain information about significant plant characteristics to assist nature lovers even further.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden